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Partnerships, Acquisitions, Mergers

Partnerships, Acquisitions, or Mergers

The Columbus Foundation’s Fund for Financial Innovation (FFI) supports transformative and pioneering ideas that demonstrate cost savings or increased earnings through forming partnerships, merging with, or acquiring other nonprofits.

Competitive Applications


  • Applications where executives and board members from each participating organization are fully committed to the reorganization.
  • The resulting organization will be as, or more, financially stable than the individual entities.

Non-competitive Applications                                  


  • Applications addressing short-term cash flow needs or supporting core operating costs.
  • Applications from hospitals, colleges, and universities.

Grant Application Process


  • Submit a description of 250 words or less via email including the organizations, key individuals, project leader, rationale, and anticipated result and timeframe.
  • Circumstances where both the opportunity and alignment for this type of change exist are rare. Only projects that best fit the Foundation’s grantmaking interests and are strongly competitive will receive an application.
  • There is no specific deadline.



 Applicants must have:

  • A primary impact in Franklin County
  • At least one of the organizations must have three or more years of operation since receiving a 501(c)(3) status
  • All applicants will be expected to provide annual audits for the past three years as attachments to the online application; please refer to the Foundation’s Audit Requirement and Exemption Request Form.

Applicants can submit and/or be a part of multiple applications.

Staff Contacts


For general questions, please contact a Community Research and Grants Management team member.