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2023 Summer of Neighborliness
Kindness Close to Home

Building more connected communities, one neighbor at a time.



During the summer of 2023, the Center for HumanKindness piloted a program encouraging residents to get to know their neighbors by hosting a small gathering with folks who live nearby. Born out of community conversations at The Big Table®, Kindness Close to Home sought to bring neighbors together to build a friendlier, kinder community where everyone feels seen and heard.


Registration is now closed. We’re gathering feedback on participants’ experiences to inform future programming. If you have any questions or comments, please email



Why It Matters



Socially connected communities are healthier, more trusting, safer, and more prosperous. Exploring deeper connections with the people who live and work in your neighborhood can have surprising benefits for you, your neighbors, and the community as a whole.


Even before the pandemic, people were struggling to connect with one another. Unfortunately, this trend has continued in recent years. In 2023, the U.S. Surgeon General called attention to the crisis of loneliness and isolation, laying out a national framework to increase social connection in our lives and our communities.