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Your giving is unique.

Since 1943, we’ve been working with passionate individuals, families, organizations, and businesses who show their spirit by supporting causes that strengthen and improve our community.

Types of Funds

Once we understand why you give and what you want to accomplish, we’ll help you choose from a full range of charitable funding options that can be personalized and structured to meet your specific charitable goals.

Simple and Convenient
Donor Advised

Take an active role in your philanthropy with these flexible funds.

Empowering Education
Scholarship Fund

Make the dream of an education come true for students.

Long-Term Support
Designated Fund

Support the good work of a favorite nonprofit in perpetuity.

Following Your Passion
Field of Interest

Create a fund for specific causes or nonprofits that are close to your heart.

Addressing Needs in the Community
The Fund for Columbus

Support the community’s greatest emerging needs with an unrestricted contribution.

Stability and Credibility for Nonprofits
Organization Endowment

Help ensure lasting financial stability for a nonprofit of your choice.

Special Initiatives

There are times an immediate need or an opportunity for donor involvement can amplify generosity. We take pride in nimble, effective philanthropy.

Gifts of Kindness

Provide one-time, life-changing gifts to qualified individuals who need a helping hand.

The Big Give

Special online giving days amplify donations and highlight how big-hearted our community is. 

Critical Need Alert

Partner with us to address immediate needs in the community.

Disaster Relief Funds

Support nonprofits responding to disasters, such as the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Supporting Foundations

Create an enduring philanthropic legacy for yourself, your family, or your business.