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Better Together

Bikes for Happy Healthy Kids

Bikes for All People


Support for Bikes for All People will help promote physical and mental wellbeing through bike riding.

RAISED $4,450.00
GOAL $4,000.00

Bikes for All People (B4AP) is a community bicycle shop owned and operated by Community Development for All People and Church for All People. Since 2014, it has provided affordable and reliable professional services to cyclists on the South Side and beyond through a full-service bike shop, youth programming, group rides, and repair classes. 

"Bikes for All People provided my son with an amazing bike that he loves. He was able to donate his smaller bike that no longer fit him and receive this amazing green bike."


—Cissy Watkins, Customer

Riding bikes allows children to engage in a communal activity that builds positive self-awareness, prevents obesity, increases physical wellness, promotes mental health, and reduces carbon footprints. B4AP has already donated more than 1,000 bikes and 1,100 helmets to children in our community, and anticipates donating 300 more in 2021. At an average cost of $75 to fix a bike, every dollar counts.


Support for this Better Together project will help cover the parts and labor necessary to donate over 50 bikes and 50 helmets to children. Bikes boost self-confidence and create lasting memories. Help B4AP promote physical and mental wellbeing through bike riding.


We are Better Together!

“The joy of repairing these bikes is multiplied by the joy of the children who ride them. What could be better than healthier and happier kids? I am thankful to be part of this program."


—Woody Patrick, Executive Director


"My bike makes my mind wonder, and I get to feel like I'm having an adventure. My helmet makes me feel grateful, and it matches my bike."


—Orion, Bike Rider


Bikes For All People


Provide professional, affordable access to bicycles and cycling services to people on the South Side of Columbus and beyond.

Better Together projects are time-sensitive opportunities to improve our community, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all donations will help fund this project.