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Better Together

Breaking New Ground



Spring is on the way! Help hundreds of community gardens for years to come by updating the tillers at Modcon’s Tool Library.

RAISED $625.00
GOAL $10,500.00

As the growing season begins, gardeners will be tilling the land and preparing it for planting. Tillers, shovels, spades, hoes, and cultivators are familiar tools of the gardening trade, but maintaining, storing, and repairing these items is expensive. That’s why gardeners from across central Ohio count on the Tool Library at Modcon Living (Modcon) to provide free access to the equipment they need to optimize the soil that feeds so many. It takes a lot of work to make a garden grow!



Last year, gardeners borrowed the Tool Library’s tillers 133 times. The newest tillers were added to the Library’s inventory in 2009, while the oldest date back to 1980! Used year after year in hundreds of gardens, many of the tillers have tilled their last row. To support the 2019 season and many seasons to come, Modcon needs your help to replace six tillers.

“Spring is such a busy time in the Tool Library. I love seeing the enthusiasm and passion our community gardeners have in being able to help their neighbors eat fresh and healthy food. The Tool Library needs help to provide the tools and equipment that gardens need to have a successful growing season, and we couldn’t do it without the help of Better Together.”



— Julie Smith, Executive Director, Modcon Living

Franklin County is fortunate to have lots of community gardens, and more are established and expanded every year. The majority of these gardens are created and maintained by volunteers and run on just enough funding to purchase the most critical supplies. By supporting this Better Together campaign, you will be investing in gardens that grow produce for neighbors in need, serve as community gathering spaces, and transform vacant lots into green spaces. Together, we can equip the Tool Library with new tillers that provide so much more than the sum of their parts.  

“Access to safe and healthy food is a basic human right; essential to enable our underprivileged citizens the sustenance needed for a chance at improving their personal situations. Tillers from the Tool Library have afforded countless Franklin County residents the ability to turn the earth and produce food for themselves.  Replacing worn out tillers will literally put food in the mouths of many who perhaps could not otherwise.”



— Brad Shreve, Board Trustee, Modcon Living


Modcon Living


Bring volunteers and the community together to improve the homes and lives of our neighbors in need.

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Better Together projects unite the community to support real-time needs, together. Whether this campaign falls short or exceeds its goal, all gifts will help Modcon Living purchase critical equipment for the Tool Library.