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Core Support Grants

Core Support Grants

Based on the interests of donors, these grants provide multi-year support for administrative expenses, infrastructure costs, and programs.

These grant categories are based on the interests of donors who have established funds to support a particular type of nonprofit mission. The grant awards provide multi-year, unrestricted support for administrative expenses, infrastructure costs, and programs and services.



  • A primary mission that is consistent with one of the categories below. 
  • Been in existence for three years or longer.
  • Primary impact in Franklin County. 



Grant applications are accepted every three years on the first Friday in May. The next round of applications will be available in March 2024. Payments are awarded for up to three consecutive years, with payments in years two and three being issued upon review of annual progress reports.


Area of focus Amount Available
Health, Habitat, and Care of Domestic Animals Closed until March 2024
Service Animals Closed until March 2024
Domestic Violence Closed until March 2024
Family Planning Closed until March 2024
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Populations Closed until March 2024
Vision Protection and Services for the Blind or Visually Impaired Closed until March 2024



For general questions, please contact Emily Savors

For technical assistance, please contact Melissa McCool